Marketing Flyer for JUMP FOR JOY

What is Jump for Joy, you ask? Well I’m glad you did because it’s something everyone should know about! Jump For Joy is a team of skydivers who travel the country helping to teach young people how to be happy. Yes we know that being happy isn’t such a simple thing (or is it?), and as we get older happiness sometimes becomes an elusive ghost that seems to disappear around the next corner. But here at Jump For Joy, we also know that happiness is something we already have inside us and sometimes all we need is a reminder to appreciate the gifts this universe delivers to us on a daily basis.

For this event we met with 900 students from the local elementary and middle school in Kamas, UT. It was extra fun because it was the kid's last week of school before summer break, and their excitement to soon be free from homework and tests was clearly visible in their big smiles and loud cheers.